Biophysics Schedule

Spring Semester 2016

Meeting Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, from 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Probing Macromolecules
1MarchMonday, 3/14425DDr. Rui SousaA Biophysicists View of the World
2MarchWednesday, 3/16425DDr. Rui SousaThermodynamics: Application to Macromolecules
Concepts in Modeling
3MarchFriday, 3/18425DDr. Borries DemelerModeling of experimental data
Electromagnetic Interrogation of Macromolecules
4MarchMonday, 3/21425DDr. Borries DemelerUV-VIS Absorption Spectroscopy and Circular Dichroism
5MarchWednesday, 3/23 425DDr. Philip SerwerFluorescence Spectroscopy, Quenching & Lifetimes
6MarchFriday, 3/25425DDr. Philip SerwerFluorescence Depolarization; FRET, single molecule fluorescence microscopy
Macromolecular Structure
7MarchMonday, 3/28425DDr. Dmitri IvanovNMR Spectroscopy (General Principles)
8MarchWednesday, 3/30425DDr. Dmitri IvanovNMR Spectroscopy (General Approaches)
9AprilFriday, 4/1425DDr. Dmitri IvanovNMR Spectroscopy (Solution Structures)
10AprilMonday, 4/4425DDr. Rui SousaIntroduction to Crystallography
11AprilWednesday, 4/6425DDr. P. John HartStructure Determination (General Principles)
12AprilFriday, 4/8425DDr. Borries DemelerExam 1
Molecular Mass and Structure
13AprilMonday, 4/11425DDr. Susan WeintraubIntroduction to Mass Spectrometry
14AprilWednesday, 4/13425DDr. Susan WeintraubMass Spectrometry: Basic Principles
15AprilFriday, 4/15425DDr. Susan WeintraubMass Spectrometry: Applications 1
16AprilMonday, 4/18425DDr. Susan WeintraubMass Spectrometry: Applications 2
17AprilWednesday, 4/20425DDr. Susan WeintraubQuantitative Mass Spectrometry
18AprilFriday, 4/22n/aNo lectureBattle of Flowers Holiday
Solution Properties of Macromolecules
19AprilMonday, 4/25425DDr. Eileen LaferInteracting Systems-I: Surface Plasmon Resonance and Isothermal Titration Calorimetry
20AprilWednesday, 4/27425DDr. Borries DemelerMacromolecular Transport Processes in Solution
21AprilFriday, 4/29425DDr. Borries DemelerDiffusion: Static and Dynamic Light Scattering
22MayMonday, 5/2425DDr. Borries DemelerSedimentation: Velocity and Equilibrium
23MayWednesday, 5/4425DDr. Borries DemelerInteracting Systems-II: Sedimentation of reversible and irreversible systems
24MayFriday, 5/6425DDr. Emre BrookesBead Modeling
25MayMonday, 5/9425DDr. Emre BrookesSmall Angle X-ray and Neutron Scattering
26MayWednesday, 5/11425DDr. Borries DemelerExam II